Wrapsol Pakistan: Your Exclusive Gateway to Premium Protection. As the sole distributor of Wrapsol by MLC LLC, USA, we provide unparalleled access to top-tier mobile device protection. Committed to quality and customer satisfaction, trust Wrapsol Pakistan to safeguard your devices with precision and reliability.

Wrapsol, a reputable company owned by MLC LLC, USA, has been at the forefront of mobile device protection since its establishment in 2009. With a deep commitment to innovation and quality, Wrapsol has become a trusted name in the industry.

In 2018, Radix Technologies became the exclusive distributor of Wrapsol in Pakistan, solidifying a shared vision of delivering top-notch mobile protection solutions to customers in the region.

Discover Wrapsol’s cutting-edge range of products from Radix Technologies, designed to safeguard mobile devices. Our highly acclaimed polyurethane sheets provide exceptional protection against wear, scratches, and accidental drops. We prioritize excellence and customer satisfaction, reflected in our replace warranty for peace of mind.


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Wrapsol's success led to an expanded product portfolio in 2022, featuring premium tempered glass for mobile screens, camera glass protectors, and synthetic sapphire camera lenses. Elevate device protection, functionality, and durability with these new additions.

Our Mission 2024

Wrapsol is dedicated to continuous improvement, meeting evolving customer needs, and expanding our product offerings. In 2024, we plan to manufacture high-quality cables and chargers, provide biodegradable covers and clear silicon covers for iPhones and Samsung devices, and offer a comprehensive range of tempered glass with improved quality across various price ranges. Our brand will be enhanced with extensive warranties. Additionally, we will introduce camera lens glass protectors, sapphire glass, and sapphire camera lenses. Stay tuned for our innovative solutions, including cables and chargers with GAN and Qualcomm technology ranging from 20W to 65W. Wrapsol is your one-stop solution for mobile protection and accessories.

Our Committment

At Wrapsol, we forge lasting partnerships with retailers, offering a wide selection of wraps through our Wraps Cutting Plotter. With 4000+ mobile templates, retailers can efficiently meet customer demands, driving sales and satisfaction while staying ahead in the industry.

Customers reviews

I decided to try Wrapsol's camera glass protector. Subhanallah, it has exceeded my expectations. My camera lens stays crystal clear and remains free from scratches. Now, I can capture beautiful moments without any worries. Jazakallah
Hassan Abbas
I have been using Wrapsol's tempered glass on my smartphone. Alhamdulillah, it provides excellent clarity and durability. It fits perfectly on my screen and protects against scratches and impacts. Thank you, Wrapsol, for the wonderful product!"
Ayesha Malik
I'm extremely impressed with Wrapsol's synthetic sapphire camera lens. The quality is superb, enhancing the photography experience on my mobile device. The lens remains pristine, allowing me to capture moments with exceptional clarity. Thank you
Junaid Imran