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Wrapsol: Igniting Mobile Protection Since 2009

Founded in 2009 in the United States, Wrapsol revolutionized mobile device protection with innovative wraps. Evolving into a comprehensive provider, Wrapsol now offers the strongest tempered glass, state-of-the-art mobile covers, advanced polyurethane sheets, and cutting-edge plotters. Join the Wrapsol family for unbeatable protection, unmatched quality, and unparalleled peace of mind for your devices.

Founded in 2009 in the U.S., Wrapsol revolutionized device protection with innovative wraps. Now offering top-tier tempered glass, mobile covers, polyurethane sheets, and plotters, Wrapsol delivers unbeatable protection and quality. Join us for unparalleled peace of mind for your devices.
At Wrapsol, we prioritize lasting customer relationships, ensuring your satisfaction beyond the initial purchase. Our unrivaled durability, style, and peace of mind redefine mobile device protection. Trust Wrapsol to safeguard your devices with confidence and elegance. Experience ultimate protection and style with Wrapsol—where innovation meets reliability. Discover the Wrapsol advantage today.

Synthetic Sapphire Glass

Experience unmatched durability and clarity with Wrapsol’s synthetic sapphire glass. Protect your device’s screen from scratches while maintaining a flawless, premium look. Trust Wrapsol for superior strength and a pristine viewing experience.

Quadruple Strength Tempered Glass

Discover unbeatable protection with Wrapsol's Quadruple Strength Tempered Glass. Shield your device from impacts, cracks, and scratches while enjoying high transparency and touch sensitivity. Experience clear viewing and effortless navigation.

Camera Lens Protection

Shield your device’s camera with Wrapsol’s Camera Lens Protection. Our films prevent dust, scratches, and fingerprints, ensuring clear photo and video quality. Capture stunning moments confidently with a pristine lens.

Polyurethane Films Wrap

Unveil ultimate protection with Wrapsol's Polyurethane Films. Invisible yet durable, they shield against scratches and daily wear. Easy application ensures a precise fit for uninterrupted device functionality.

WrapMaster Pro The Ultimate Mobile Wrapping Solution

Revolutionize your mobile accessory business with Wraps Cutting Plotter. With 4000+ templates and versatile polyurethane sheets, create up to 210 mobile 360 wraps, minimizing dead stock and maximizing profits. Stay ahead with wide device compatibility, precise cuts, and on-demand production for superior protection and appearance. Take control, minimize waste, and provide a seamless customer experience with Wraps Cutting Plotter

Our Products

Unleash the Power of Invincible Protection

Indomitable Wrapsol Glass

Wrapsol: Unleash the Power of Protection with Wrapsol: Elevate your device defense with our innovative clear and privacy tempered glass, combining style, privacy, and uncompromising defense, backed by our reliable replacement warranty

Sapphire Camera Lens

Unleash Brilliance with our synthetic sapphire camera lens glass combines diamond-tested durability with crystal-clear clarity, ensuring unmatched protection for your lens while capturing moments in flawless details.

Polyurethane 360 Wrap

Elevate Device Protection to New Heights. Our polyurethane wrap ensures comprehensive coverage for your mobile device, defending it against scratches and daily wear while maintaining a sleek and seamless look.


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